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Alien Invasive Weed Control


Environmental Rehabilitation  Specialist

Invasive alien weed control and ecosystem management at Mount Moreland Conservancy for the owner Dube Tradeport in mostly sensitive wetland as well as prime coastal forest where the knowledge of our local indigenous plants and the sensitivities of the natural ecosystem are of prime importance. Much of this site is an internationally recognized Important Bird Area.

IBA important bird area mount moreland

Very careful use of suitable herbicides at the lowest possible dose rates has been undertaken to ensure the minimum of collateral damage to the natural environment.

Very careful consideration has been taken to do the very least disturbance to the vast numbers of Barn swallows (Hirindo rustica) that roost in the reed beds during their summer migration to South Africa as well as the natural habitat that is the home to a large population of bush buck, bush pig, blue duiker, water, banded, slender and grey mongoose, spotted gennet, many frog species including the endangered Pickersgill Reed Frog (Hyperolius pickersgilli) and a vast number of birds including Black Rumped Button Quail (Turnix nanus) and other creatures.

While working in this area a number of plants  that are either rare or are seldom encountered in this area have been found such as  Begonia homonyma

begonia homonyma mount moreland

Begonia homonyma


Green Roof



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