Alien Invasive Weed Control

Eradication of Giant Reed Arundo donax

From previous experience and from viewing a considerable number of resources on the internet it was clear that Arundo donax known as Giant Reed or Spanish reed is a very difficult plant to eradicate. I could not accept that Arundo donax is so difficult to control so together with Michael of Ecoman we applied our minds to the problem and have come up with a solution which works miracles.

arundo donax alien invasive weed control with herbicides

Difficult to eradicate Giant Reed Arundo donax

spanish reed arundo donax treated with herbicide cocktail

Spanish reed Arundo donax two weeks after having been treated with our herbicide cocktail

complete control of arundo donax six months after application of a single application of herbicide

Complete control of  Giant reed Arundo donax six months after application of herbicide cocktail

Intensive testing of the method that we have developed after six months has given us close to 100% control of Spanish reed with only one initial application of herbicide

testing herbicide gel on giant reed arundo donax excellent results

Testing herbicide gel on giant reed arundo donax after only one week the new mix is showing excellent results


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