Rescue and Relocation of Protected Plants

We at HLEM have experience in the identification, removal and re-location of protected plants where they have been threatened by development and construction.

Plant rescue in Maputaland

Identification of and re-location of protected plants from sites in a corridor from Umdumo to Gezisa near to Manguzi.
working in close association with Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife. Thousands of plants in particular Aloe greenii and Aloe parvibracteata were relocated to Tembe Elephant Park where they were planted at the entrance as well as around the office complex after it was noted that goats in some areas were digging out and eating the roots of the aloes that had been re-located onsite.

aloe parvibracteata flower Tembe Maputaland

Photo of Aloe parvibracteata flowers taken near to the Tembe Elephant Park in Maputaland

aloe parvibracteata that have been rescued which are to be relocated to an area out of harms way

A large number of Aloe parvibracteata that have been rescued near to Ndumo in Maputaland waiting to be relocated

crinum-stuhlmannii_subsp_delegoense plant rescue and relocation

Crinum stuhlmannii subsp. delegoense plant rescue and relocation in  Maputaland before being re-located

Permits must be obtained from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and all plants are to be removed and re-located before work may commence onsite.



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